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The district of Nou Barris comprises 13 neighbourhoods, each one with its own secrets and hidden corners that are waiting to be discovered. They are blue-collar areas with a lot of character, which have evolved as a result of struggles by the community to improve their services and infrastructures. Now they are proud to show visitors the attractive and innovative green areas which are well worth discovering.

The population of the neighbourhoods in the city’s 8th district, Nou Barris, is traditionally blue-collar. Indeed, Nou Barris developed from the impromptu settlements that grew from the 1950s to the 1970s into a new Barcelona and became the home for an influx of families coming from other parts of Spain in search of employment.

Over the years, the infrastructures, transport links and services in these areas have greatly improved, increasing the quality of life of their inhabitants. The clearest proof of this can be found in the many green areas in the district: the modern Parc Central, the Parc de la Guineueta and the Parc del Turó de la Peira breathe fresh air into this north-eastern part of Barcelona. The district also has bustling shopping streets – the Passeig Valldaura and Via Júlia – and the neighbourhood food markets, including the Mercat de la Mercè, and sculptures such as Tribute to Pi i Maragall in the Plaça Llucmajor, are other interesting elements which you mustn’t miss during your visit to this district of Barcelona.

Nou Barris
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